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If your schedule is somewhat  inflexible, consider arranging our initial consultation  via private and confidential video conference call through Skype. Contact us for simple, specific, and streamlined set up details .

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Click heOur clients herald from across the Globe and the financial spectrum and we have 30+ years in the trenches .... 30+ years of  empathy, experience and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals,  small and medium sized business owners and commercial & residential real estate owners, practitioners and escrow agents and investors - particularly in this post 911 era . We too have made our own adjustments  ....  we understand  .... we get it!  Much has changed. 


Clients will  ask if we have ever handled a case like theirs before,  consistently  the answer will be an emphatic NO!   Each and every client's situation is unique.  Cross Stone & Saber will be your ombudsman, a chaste confidant and champion who keeps emotion out of the equation and analyzes the facts around your particular case. Bottom line; if you are honest and forthright regarding every aspect of your particular scenario, we then, and only then, will be "equally yoked" and thus able to walk alongside of you  arriving at the ultimate destination of absolute success and peace.
Cross, Stone & Saber's unique service model  enable our clients to once again  focus on their core personal and business  activities that add value back into their life and  business; i.e. joy and peace.

If accepted as a client,  Cross Stone & Saber comes along side of you and transfers  the "heavy yoke" off of you and onto us.  We provide you access to financial tools and services that enables you   to recover,  maintain  and stabilize the viability, profitability and joy of your life and legacy.
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